Wildlife in Himachal

               Wildlife in Himachal


Himachal gives a rich content of wildlife to India and some of the rarest species in the world can be found in Himachal. We all know as world is drifting towards urbanization forests and hence wildlife is drastically suffering all over the world and India is no different either. In these Conditions states like Himachal provide some of the most favorable habitats for various species being a cool breeze in hot smoldering day.

Himachal has total no. of 33 wildlife sanctuaries with two national parks in the region. If you want be one with real nature and feel ecstasy of wild phenomena have a trip to these sanctuaries and parks trekking and camping expeditions are all available in these sanctuaries. The great Himalayan national park is a large confined forest shrouded landmass in Manali filled with mainly Oak and conifer trees. The park was established to give a habitat to some of endangered species like snow leopard, thar, goral, Musk deer, brown bear etc. Other national park is pin valley national park also serves the purpose with many rare species like red fox, Siberian Ibex, Snow Partridge and Himalayan snowcock. Other main centuries are Simbalbara Sanctuary, Chail Wildlife Sanctuary, Renuka century and Daranghati sanctuary. You can find diverse flora and fauna ecosystems in these centuries mainly leopard cat, bharal, black bear, Barking Deer, Tibetan wolf, White Crested Kaleej etc are the main attractions. The great Himalayan national park, Naina Devi Sanctuary, pin valley national park offers wildlife Safari rides.

List of rarest species you can find in Himachal

1) Snow leopard: found in higher altitudes of Himachal the beautiful species is estimated to be in 4000 to 5000 in         numbers around the world.

2) Himalayan blue poppy: the herb is considered to be a medical nectar but due to it’s over

Collection it is now considered endangered.

3) Western Tragopan: another famous yet endangered species. This bird have spectacular

white spotted on a black pitch feathers.

4) Himalayan thar: the goat is unique because this species lives at the astonishing heights

of 5000 m on steep dangerous hills.

Important facts around wildlife in Himachal
  1. Himalayan National park has been added to world heritage sites by UNESCO in 2014.

Making it seventh such site in India.

  1. Himachal is some of the few states left in the world having last of snow leopards. Also

Himachal has made some significant progress in increasing their numbers.

  1. Himachal has 43043 sq.km. of forests as protected forest mass and 1896 sq. km. of

forest under reserved forest category.

  1. Himalayan wolf is also the rare species of wolf which has its habitat in higher Himachal


5  The forest department aim to at least keep the 50 percent of Himachal entirely dedicated

to forests and wildlife.

  1. Himachal is one of the state with highest no of leopards roaming around in almost every

lower region.


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