Which place is better to go Manali or Goa

Which place is better to go Manali or Goa.

Both Places are best to visit. It’s a two Hand of nature one had Sea water and second had big mountains. Both have own beauty own climate and own traditions. Manali is famous for the snowfall, high Mountain, pleasant atmosphere. Every year thousand of tourist comes here to visit only to see the neutrality of the nature. There is nothing like as artificial everything is made up by the nature and here nature will show you how much big he had.

Tradition of Manali is very famous in worldwide. People had their own culture, dresses, and path of living. When you will visit in Manali you can observe these. Manali is the small city which is situated behind the Byas river. Delhi to Manali is 12 hours journey by cab and there is Bhunter airport also in Kullu which is 35 km before from the main city Manali.

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