Snow Mountain in Himachal

             Snow Mountain in Himachal

snow mountain in himachal
Snow Mountain in Himachal

Rio Phargyul

Height: 6816 meter

Location: kinnor

This is also known as leopargil situated in kinnor distict at the southern end of the zanskar range in western Himalayas.


Height: 6608 meter

Location: kinnor

Is in between china India border also a mountain pass and border post on the India china border. The river Satluj entere India through this pass.


Height: 6597

Location Spiti

Third Highest Mountain in the Indian state Himachal Pradesh lies on the border been kinnor and lahul spiti. Closed to this peak one of the highest pass in the world manirang pass is also present.


Height: 6520

Location: Lahaul Spiti

This one is the highest peak in lahaul spiti, it was discovered by Anglo –Austrian expeditionary in September 1939 climbing season on this peak is from June to October other than that snow level is more the 35 ft on the higher altitude.

Kinner kailash

Height: 6500

Location: kinnaur

It is point of attraction for both hikers  and deviational travelers although to the top climbing is not possible and no is allowed to climb up to the top most peak of the mountain due to its sacred nature.


Height: 6473

Location: kinnaur

Its quit a challenge for hill climber from all over the world. It is available for hill climbing from  month of June to august .

Dibibokri Pyramid

Height: 6400

Location: kullu

It is located to the immediate south of parvati pervat , it lies on the border of kullu and spiti like other peaks it does not have the sharp tip rather a steep edge double sided slope hence the name.


Height : 6400

Location: lahaul spiti

It is fully carved rock peak with its snow crowned top, this peak named after lord Gyephange. Best time to visit gyephang is May to October.


Height: 6239

Location: lahaul spiti

The peak offer an incredible view of sights from the top as to the north glacier crusted 24790 feet. Minyakonka cut into horizon like a diamond to the west the endless mountainous range .


Height: 6220

Location: kullu

This is one most famous peak in Himachal also known as Assan of Indersain consider to the be word’s 5th most technically difficult summit and it wasn’t being able to concurred till 1960s.

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