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Shimla Manali tour from Chandigarh Airport

Shimla Manali Tour

Shimla and Manali are traveling paradise’s for all kind of travelers, expedetioners or tourists. Whether you are a adventure lover or a nature admirer or just traveler for fun these places have something for every kind. So we just wanted to give you a whole idea and thorough description of these places. This is a journal description illustration of Shimla-Manali lands of heavenly art on earth.

History of Shimla Manali

Shimla : Shimla is the capital of Himachal currently.It has a rich past and significant history. Being the summer capital it was the valuable gem in the eyes of British during their rule over India. Lord Lytton planned the first known to be a heritage building today “Viceregal Lodge” during his stay in Shimla. Many other heritage buildings are constructed in late 19th century and fresh 20th century time period. The world famous heritage railway track the Shimla Kalka railway track was first opened in 1903 also known as British jewel of orient due to the engineering difficulties its construction presented at the time. Shimla was also the capital of undivided Punjab in 1871 and remained so till Punjab’s division in 1971 retiteled as capital of Himachal pradesh.

Manali : Manali is a mountainous town located in northern part of Kullu district in Himachal. Britishers were the first to grow apple trees in the area actually in most of Himachal. With passage of time this outskirt land mass has seen an epic increase in habitants and more than that transformation into a tourist hub for winter holiday destination because of its accessible and winter sports prone sites. Manali is named after a sage named Manu there’s a temple dedicated to the same in the old Manali village. The construction time of the temple is so ancient its basically unknown.

Transport facility to Shimla Manali

Shimla : Being the capital shimla has main NH 22 as a main line of road way connecting it to other major cities and states in Northerner India. The nearest main city Chandigarh is about 120 km from Shimla. Frequent buses are routed between the two cities. At Jubbarhatti you will find mid sized passenger plane airport from where you can book flights to Delhi at a minimum range of charges. Also a railway line known as Shimla Kalka railway connects it to kalka which is about 96 km in distance.

Manali : Manali can take up to 9 hour journey from Shimla similar time it takes to reach Shimla from Delhi. From Delhi there is bypass rout by NH 1 reaching to NH 22 by Chandigarh, Bilaspur, Mandi and Kullu. Many non AC and AC Volvo buses travel between Delhi-Manali (total of 17 to 19 including Volvo and other HRTC buses). Manali airport is located at Bhuntar with frequent air India flights from Delhi. Direct railway lines to Manali aren’t available yet and nearest railway line ends in Una about 250 km away from Manali.

Climate in Shimla Manali

On an outline October to February is the time for winter and snowfall in Manali and Shimla after which summer starts from march till June. Monsoons also have a typical period of July to mid-September. But as stated earlier this is just a outline weather here can change anytime as consistency with weather especially in Manali is fagile mostly during monsoon.

Shimla is no stranger to chilly winter sessions but winters in Manali are far more hardcore due to elevation differences on high grounds. Other than summer this is the time for jam packed tourist groups arrivals. Also the preferable time to do so. Monsoon in Manali have a reputation for ruining the roads with landslides.
Tempratures during winter can range from 10 to 20 degrees in manali at the beginning but drops dramatically during core winter months dropping to minus digits at times.

Fun snow activities in Shimla Manali

Manali is a delight destination for winter fun activities. Playing with snow balls is just the crust of the fun. Snow boarding, skiing and snow mobile riding are all in the main course. You can engulf in these activities during winter months in Solang valley, Gulaba and Rohtang pass till march end. In Shimla alluring hills and far fetched valleys covered in snow are main ingredient.

Shimla Manali Package cost from Chandigarh Airport

For Shimla Manali tour you need at least 5 days to cover. starts from Chandigarh the package costing will include all the transportation from Chandigarh to Shimla to Manali and drop back to Chandigarh.

The total costing for the single couple is 23000/ rupee for 6 days trip including hotel, meal and all the sightseeing between Shimla Manali.

please check the below link for the Shimla Manali trip

Shimla Manali Package from Chandigarh/ kalka


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