Himalayan animals list

Himalayan animals List Snow leopards The member of the large cat family is one of the prime attractions for wild life lovers in Himalayas, snow leopards known for its magnificent appetence. It is gifted with whitish dotted fur this listed among the endangered animals…

Snow Mountain in Himachal

             Snow Mountain in Himachal Rio Phargyul Height: 6816 meter Location: kinnor This is also known as leopargil situated in kinnor distict at the southern end of the zanskar range in western Himalayas. Shipki Height: 6608 meter Location: kinnor…

Chanshal valley

chanshal valley

Chanshal valley Chanshal valley is located in district Rohru which is 120 km from Shimla district. From Rohru to Chanshal there will be 4 hours journey which may take one extra day due to bad road conditions. Chanshal is famous for tracking and expedition activities….

Raid the Himalaya

Raid the Himalaya Raid the Himalaya is the biggest sports event in Himachal and one of the toughest rally races in the word. The first raid the Himalaya rally was organized in 1999. Raid starts from Shimla and covers most of upper areas of…

Ice skating in Shimla

Ice skating in Shimla Ice skating is one of most beautiful adventure activity. In Shimla you can do it in Lakkar Bazzar which is 3km away from the main city Shimla. This activity only played only in winter season. Mostly children’s enjoy this lot….