Himalayan animals list

Himalayan animals List

Snow leopards

The member of the large cat family is one of the prime attractions for wild life lovers in Himalayas, snow leopards known for its magnificent appetence. It is gifted with whitish dotted fur this listed among the endangered animals that’s why it s is one of the rarest to be sighted.

Himalayan panther

Gifted with dark black fur and green eyes this one is also species of large cat. Unfortunately this beautiful animal is most endangered and rarest large cat in present day and you are really blessed id you are able to have a sight of this creature in Himalayas

Giant Panda

This is one is teddy bear like animal but as furious as any wild animal. It can be found on various other parts of continent of Asia. With a body typically of a bear it has black fur with white patches on neck and back with wooly skin help they stay warm even in the coolest atmosphere.

Himalayan Wild yak

It a type of ox with relatively long hair and a large built it can be six feet taller at shoulder. Himalayan wild yak is considered as one most full animal as it provide milk meet fiber to the local.

 Himalayan Thar (wild goat)

This species can be founded in wooded hills and mountains slopes it’s a mainly goat like animal. Mainly having three under species Arabian thar and nil giri thar.  All the these species consume vegetation like grass herbs and shrubs.

Musk dear

The name musk refers to a deer with magnificent fragrance coming out from its belly wildly use for the manufacture the perfume. This dear lives in hilly and forested environment. This one is difficult to track as like to stay far from human habitation.

 Red Panda

This one the creative combination cat and panda it is smaller in size also known as red fox can be found in eastern Himalayas it lives in tempered climate in the middle of coniferous forests . They can eat many thing bur their favorite fruits roots and acorns.

Himalayan Black Bear

Also known as Indian black bear. It is divided into two categories Himalayan brown bear and Himalayan black bear. Black bear are violent in nature and one of the most deadly animals in India like humans they are omnivorous.


Commonly known species of large cat. It has white and yellowish fur with dark black spots . it can be found in lower regions of Himalayas they live in moderate climate basically eat large birds and domestic animals.

Himalayan marmot

This is a social animal and lives in colonies of different sizes.  Mainly found in Himalayan region of India. These mammals can leave in highest elevation. They are similar to house cat in size and they prefer eat to flowering plant and roots.

Snow Mountain in Himachal

             Snow Mountain in Himachal

snow mountain in himachal
Snow Mountain in Himachal

Rio Phargyul

Height: 6816 meter

Location: kinnor

This is also known as leopargil situated in kinnor distict at the southern end of the zanskar range in western Himalayas.


Height: 6608 meter

Location: kinnor

Is in between china India border also a mountain pass and border post on the India china border. The river Satluj entere India through this pass.


Height: 6597

Location Spiti

Third Highest Mountain in the Indian state Himachal Pradesh lies on the border been kinnor and lahul spiti. Closed to this peak one of the highest pass in the world manirang pass is also present.


Height: 6520

Location: Lahaul Spiti

This one is the highest peak in lahaul spiti, it was discovered by Anglo –Austrian expeditionary in September 1939 climbing season on this peak is from June to October other than that snow level is more the 35 ft on the higher altitude.

Kinner kailash

Height: 6500

Location: kinnaur

It is point of attraction for both hikers  and deviational travelers although to the top climbing is not possible and no is allowed to climb up to the top most peak of the mountain due to its sacred nature.


Height: 6473

Location: kinnaur

Its quit a challenge for hill climber from all over the world. It is available for hill climbing from  month of June to august .

Dibibokri Pyramid

Height: 6400

Location: kullu

It is located to the immediate south of parvati pervat , it lies on the border of kullu and spiti like other peaks it does not have the sharp tip rather a steep edge double sided slope hence the name.


Height : 6400

Location: lahaul spiti

It is fully carved rock peak with its snow crowned top, this peak named after lord Gyephange. Best time to visit gyephang is May to October.


Height: 6239

Location: lahaul spiti

The peak offer an incredible view of sights from the top as to the north glacier crusted 24790 feet. Minyakonka cut into horizon like a diamond to the west the endless mountainous range .


Height: 6220

Location: kullu

This is one most famous peak in Himachal also known as Assan of Indersain consider to the be word’s 5th most technically difficult summit and it wasn’t being able to concurred till 1960s.

Fruits in Himachal


Fruits in Himachal


Whenever you talk about himachal apple is the first thing come into your mind, Himachal is the only state in India that produce large Quantity of Himachal every year. Himachal apple trade is worldwide phenomenon. Apple trees are deciduous trees hence require low temperature and high altitude. Shimla is the trade center for apple distribution in Himachal


Another largely produced fruit in Himachal. Ripping period for apricot May to August. It has many sub- species but wide size apricot are the most famous . It has a small tree with small broad leaves. It’s consisting seeds you to make bio oil. Mainly mid regions have the perfect climatic condition for growth of apricot


This fruit require mildly temperate regions. Although pear farming is practice all over India but Himachal is the top ranked pear generate. It has a thin pome green covering over the white rich in fiber and sweet in taste inside cellular flesh.


Himachal is on top in cherry distribution in all over India. Basically it has sweet and little sour taste with juice insides. It is cultivated in mid ranges but can be grown all over Himachal except higher mountains ranges.


Small near ground plants consisting maximum three to four berry it’s require oil having a notable quantity of moisture. It’s a worldwide famous berry as a flavoring agent. A fully ripped strawberry is sweet with little sour texture.

The town hall shimla

Town hall shimla

The Town Hall Shimla

Town hall shimla likely to become library or museum after restoration
The Tourism Department of Himachal Pradesh and the Shimla Municipal Corporation are up in arms to claim the possession of the precious piece of heritage property – the historic Town Hall of Shimla, built in 1908 by Scottish Architect James Ransone.

Built in the Gothic style, the Town Hall of Shimla featured the half-timbered Tudor style, all wooden frames and shingles eaves. It originally housed a Library alongwith a few public utility offices in British-era. However, later it ended up in the hands of Shimla MC.

The town hall  is undergoing a complete renovation since 2014, and Rs. 8 crores has been spent on it so far.  The government failed to meet the deadline of 18 months and hope to complete it in 2018. About 70 percent of this cost was provided by the Asian Development Bank as a loan for the purpose of the beautification of the Shimla Mall.
The Corporation had evacuated it for the restoration work in 2014 and wants it back; the HPTDC wish to use it as a tourist attraction; and the High Court suggest making it a Library, Museum or something that would help preserving the heritage property along with catering to larger public interests.

The court has given the Chief Secretary to file an affidavit by January 3, 2018, with proposals for better use of the building other than handing it over to SMC again.

A writer and historian Raja Bhasin, head of Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) in Himachal, and its state convener Malvika Pathania are also of the view that it is a disrespect to a magnificent heritage building to house a government office in it.

After facing a disregard for its value as a cultural, historic, and tourist attraction, the State High Court has finally admitted that such a marvellous piece of architecture cannot be left at the mercy of the ‘bubus’ (clerks or Govt. officials).

The division bench comprising of the acting Chief Justice Sanjay Karol and Justice Sandeep Sharma called it “an important and significant landmark of the Shimla town and intrinsic part of its heritage.”

The court took a jibe saying that it would be a complete waste of the Shimla Town Hall if it is left to the staff of government offices. The babus would hammer nails into restored wooden works to hang calendars or paste the same all over the walls of a heritage property, which could be used to house library, museum and other public conveniences.The extensive restoration work includes fixing washrooms, laying mezzanine floors along with restoring four collapsed chimneys, rickety wooden staircase, and original height of attic (2.4 mts)

Before refurbishing the walls, the cement plaster and plywoods were to be removed along with restoration of the entrance from the Mall side to an open verandah.

Life style in Shimla

Life style in Shimla

Shimla Life style

Shimla is the capital of Himachal Pradesh. Shimla is the small city which has the area about 10km sq. The life style in Shimla is little slower and assuasive compared to Delhi or Chandigarh. Usually working hours begins with 10 am until 5 pm in the evening. Being the capital of Himachal Pradesh all he basic enmities like school hospital collage are in close proximity.The people around the neighboring district prefer to habitat shimla due to its close proximity to all the basic enmities. Most of the people coming from rural areas like Rohru, Rampour, Kinnor permanently settle in shimla to raise their living standard. Most of the population in shimla is dependent on Govt. services (about 75%) proving them to be well educated or sincere from most of the other  district of Himachal. Shimla has gained powerful western influence in resent years giving it flavor of  urbanization.





Chanshal valley

chanshal valley

chanchal valley
chanchal valley

Chanshal valley

Chanshal valley is located in district Rohru which is 120 km from Shimla district. From Rohru to Chanshal there will be 4 hours journey which may take one extra day due to bad road conditions. Chanshal is famous for tracking and expedition activities. During winter time link road is closed due to heavy snow fall. From Rohru to Chanshal there is only a single bus service available. You can also hire a cab or taxi. Mostly a jeep or gypsy is a preferable vehicle to hire. During winter temperature drops below 0 degree Celsius hence most tourists prefer to visit during summer.

 In 2018 first international snowboard activity organised.

People from all around the world visited chanchal valley to join this program 

Raid the Himalaya

raid the himalaya
raid the himalaya

Raid the Himalaya

Raid the Himalaya is the biggest sports event in Himachal and one of the toughest rally races in the word. The first raid the Himalaya rally was organized in 1999.

Raid starts from Shimla and covers most of upper areas of Himachal ending in Kashmir. Rally rout get varied according to time and conditions. Professional drivers participate in this event from all around the world. Its a 15 day running sprint. Raid the Himalaya is organized by Maruti Suzuki which offers three different categories for the participants which are 4*4 Extreme, Moto Quad and last one is Adventure trail.


Kali ka tiba in Chail

kali ka tiba
kali ka tiba

Kali ka tiba in Chail

As per the name suggests Kali ka tiba belong to Maa Kali. Kali tiba is situated at the top of hill approximately 10 km from Chail palace. This temple is constructed with marble, due to which temple looks like a blossom blooming on top of the hill. The outer walls of temple give structural appearance of a fort. Beautiful shivalik ranges can be observed from the temple which will mesmerize your senses. The breeze on the top will make you feel awesome. Chail Kufri can be visited on the same day of your visit.

How much safe Shimla Manali trip

How much safe Shimla Manali trip

Shimla Manali is situated in the between Himalayan ranges. Hare population density is very low as compare to metro city. Literacy rate of the Himachal is high as compare to other state and most of the people of this state do Govt jobs. They have good behaved and down to earth.  When you will plane for try to book your tour from local travel agent that is most important because he news the condition well. Himachalies drivers are trained he knows how to drive in hills areas as compare to other state drivers. In rainy season there is chances of road closed due to land sliding but that will be open within a one our tour hours. Same in winter time roads should be closed due to heavy snow fall. The main problem in winter time is electricity cut.

Our guidance for Shimla Manali family tour

Our guidance for Shimla Manali family tour

Dear customer we are situated in Shimla so we will give you best tour plane and suggest you to best time to visit. We had good driver who will cooperate you in any time or any situation. We will try our best to make your tour remember able. In Shimla we will meet you personally and you can share your views directly to us. Our guideline will help you that are our motive. Good tour will depend on two condition fist one is driver behavior and second one is weather condition because you spend maximum time with driver he also work as guide so driver should be good and second one is weather condition if weather is poor heavy rain fall entire trip will washed. Which time is good for Shimla Manali we will properly guide you for the snow fall, Monsoon time off season, peak season so that you can make your plane according to that. The main reason why we are helpful the answer is we are here in Shimla so you will directly touch with us and we know the situations well.


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