Himachal Travel Documentation


Himachal Travel Documentation

Shimla travel documentation

Traveling through the pack of mountains you will get your first glace of shimla from shogi hill and after few kilometers traveling more you will reach queen of hills shimla.
Main Shimla
There are two main bustands in Shimla firstly ISBT which is about four and a half kilometers from Shimla other is old bustand located at the end of shimla bajar. From there foot journey begins through lower bajar or if you want to ditch the crowd you can take a alternate way from DC office which leads directly to mall and ridge. Mall road is a tourist epicentre with mostly branded showrooms and MNCs. Ridge is at the top which presents a marvelous view of far reaching mountain s and valleys. Shimla is a home of many haritage buildings like church and gaiety theatre.

Places to look forward to around Shimla


Approximately 3.5 kms (17 min) by car (via cart road and police line road to Anadel)

Himalyan Bird park

By car 11 min approximately(3.0 kms)
By foot 46 min. via chaura maidan road.

Chadvick fall

5.4kms approximately via cart rpad and chura maidan road.
By walk 1 hour 24 min.
Advance studies
14 min.(3.6 km via cart road to summerhill road)
By walk 56 min.

Jakhu temple

21 min (5.9kms) via cart road
By walk 26 min(1.5kms) via jakhu road.


A area of interest for people who love high altitude regions. Manali lies in northren Himachal. One of the best destinations for outdoor expedition and activities like skiing insolang valley and tracking in parvati valley. Also paragliding and rafting are other main attractions.

Local areas and places of interests in manali

Manu temple

Distance from manali: 3.3 kms (19mns) via circuit house road.
By walk 46 min (2.9kms).

Hadimba devi temple

Distance from manali: 2.7 kms (15 min) via hadimba temple road.
By walk 30 min (1.9 kms) Circuit house road.
Other distinct and profound areas around Manali:

Solang valley

8 kms from manali.
Skiing in manali: 9 kms from manali.
Paragliding: 2kms from manali.
The Great Himalyan national park: 63 kms from manali.


28 kms approximately.



Mainly a tibtian habitant area known for its old monasteries and exotic feel of nature, also known as little Dhasa.
Places to visit around mcleodganj
Bhasu falls
Few meters from main city this place is filled with greenary and painted with streeming water body to give it a perfect touch of art of creation.

Bagsunath temple

(3kms from city centre)
Surrounded with small and large pools this place is for you if you are a devotee inside a tourist.
(4kms from the city center)
Blazing winds due to great heights will refresh your mind,heart and being. Its a trek that will give all the adventure lovers time of their life.


Ever wondered where Dalai lama resides in India well here he does about 2kms from main city this is one of the most significant monasteries in Himachal.


2 kms from mai city)
One of the most known and powerful meditation the vipasana meditation is practiced here with many other preeminent meditations. Resides just over the macleodganj this place showcases a eye catching view of kangra and dhuladhar range which will take you in the smitten state of peace and calmness.
6)Church of St. Jones
This church is dedicated to the bapist St. Jones. The darkish view in the wilderness makes you feel like you have entered into a movie with amazing green screen effects for scenery.

Kangra fort

20 kms from city
Now this one is little far from the main city but still worth a excursion fo